X-SUBSEA Delivers Unique Solution

X-Subsea has recently completed a scope of work off the West African coast delivering a unique and innovative solution to their client for shore approach trenching.

The project scope of work involved the trenching of a 10” pipeline close to the shore with a target burial depth of 2 m for a distance of 18.4 km.

The key challenge that X-Subsea engineers encountered was meeting the client’s objective of performing excavation whilst the Lay Barge was laying pipeline. To achieve this goal, X-Subsea’s highly skilled engineers adapted the Ultra Low Draft Twin R2000 Excavation Tool, allowing the trenching to be carried out effectively along the shore approach section in waters below a water depth of 1.5 m.

This highly adaptable tool, combined with an innovative technique where Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) was used, has revolutionized the shore-approach trenching market.

This unique and innovative trenching solution continues to build on X-Subsea’s unrivaled track record for developing and delivering effective, efficient and safe solutions in the seabed intervention business.

Press Release