Agreement Reached on Financial Contributions to IJmuiden Sea Lock

The amounts of the financial contributions to the new sea lock at IJmuiden have been finalized and agreed upon by the Government of the Netherlands, the Province of North Holland and the City of Amsterdam.

According to the release, the Government will contribute a total of €565.19 million to the new sea lock at IJmuiden. The contribution of the Province of North Holland has been set at a maximum of €39 million while the maximum contribution of the City of Amsterdam will amount to €46.51 million.

The Port of Amsterdam will pay the contribution of the City of Amsterdam.

Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, inaugurated the construction of the new sea lock on September 7, 2016.

The new lock chamber will be 70 meters wide, 500 meters long and 18 meters deep, giving excess to the Port of Amsterdam to larger sea vessels by 2019 when it is scheduled to be ready.

The responsibility for the construction, as well as 26-year maintenance of the sea lock, is in the hands of consortium OpenIJ, including construction firms BAM and Volker-Wessels and financiers PGGM (pension fund) and DIF (investor).