A Look Back at the Best Interviews of 2018

Dredging Today brings you an overview of the most popular interviews from the past year.


Interview with Piedroba: Offering More Business-Driven Solutions

Piedroba Consulting Group (PCG), a Miami-based marine infrastructure consultancy firm specializing in project risk management, has continued to grow in 2018.


Royal IHC’s Erik van der Blom on Sustainable Dredging Approach

Dredging Today took an opportunity recently to speak with Mr. Erik van der Blom, Manager Development and Innovation at the conference’s gold sponsor – Royal IHC.


VIDEO Interview: The Sustainability Agenda in Dredging Industry

Dredging Today has interviewed Mr. Mark van Koningsveld, Professor Ports & Waterways at TU Delft, one of the co-authors of the CEDA-IADC guidebook.


Interview with Tiedo Vellinga, Professor Emeritus of Ports and Waterways

After seven years serving as a professor at Delft University of Technology, Mr. Tiedo Vellinga recently assumed the new title of Professor Emeritus of Ports and Waterways.


Interview: Port of Thessaloniki Raises the Bar

Greek Port of Thessaloniki is going through some major changes on the back of its privatization in December 2017, when the Government of Greece sold a 67 percent share in the port.


Interview with Raivis Veckagans, Head of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), one of the largest state enterprises, is working on some major dredging projects that will be total game-changers for the country’s ports.


VIDEO: Changing the Mindset – Key to Success

During our recent CEDA-IADC Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference, we took an opportunity to interview Professor Dr. Patrick Meire of University of Antwerp.


Interview with Piedroba: Spotlight on Consultancy Program

Piedroba Consulting Group (PCG), a Miami-based marine infrastructure consultancy firm with an emphasis on dredging, has reported revenue growth in 2017.