EDDY Pump, Hawk Excavator form strategic partnership

EDDY Pump Corporation has formed a strategic partnership with Hawk Excavator.

Eddy Pump Corporation photo

EDDY Pump is a pump and dredge equipment manufacturer, while Hawk Excavator specializes in heavy-duty excavator equipment. This partnership aims to combine their expertise in designing, customizing, and servicing versatile, high-quality machines.

Commenting on the strategic alliance, Ben Weinrib, CEO of EDDY Pump Corporation, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Hawk Excavator, bringing together EDDY Pump’s innovative pumping technology and Hawk Excavator’s expertise in designing and manufacturing precision-engineered excavator equipment.”

“This will enable our customers across industries to tackle their most demanding projects with improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is a significant step in meeting the industry’s evolving demands, aligning with our customer-centric approach.”

Arthur McCann, CEO of Hawk Excavator, added: “Customers often face many challenges. These include limited customization, maintenance and repair issues, high operating costs, inadequate technical support, training gaps, compatibility issues, and limited aftermarket parts availability. Such challenges can directly impact customer satisfaction, operational productivity, and profitability.”

“Our partnership’s synergy will help address these issues with the right solutions. This, in turn, will create a long-term competitive advantage for both companies. Also, our equipment are compatible with all excavator brands globally, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Hitachi, Case, Volvo, and more.”