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Fernandina Works Kick Off

Sand pumping operations for the Nassau County beach renourishment project are projected to begin this week, said ...

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Equipment Arrives at Fernandina

Manson Construction crews have begun staging equipment for the upcoming Nassau County project at Fernandina Beach. ...

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Fernandina Works Start Soon

Manson Construction Co. will soon begin preparations for the upcoming maintenance dredging of U.S. Naval Station ...

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Dutra Completes Kings Bay Work

Dredging works at U.S. Naval Station Kings Bay wrapped up on March 31, which included maintenance dredging of the ...

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PHOTO: Protecting the Kings Bay

Dutra Group is making great progress with the maintenance dredging of U.S. Naval Station Kings Bay and sand ...

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Dutra to Begin Kings Bay Work

Nassau County residents and visitors will begin seeing construction equipment and dredging pipes on Fernandina ...

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