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Portland Harbor Event Tomorrow

The Portland Harbor Public Forum and Open House, which will share information and answer questions about current ...

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Portland Selects CAD Cell Location

The City of Portland, Maine, and the Portland Harbor Commission, working with a team of consultants from Stantec, ...

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Portland ROD Plan Released

The U.S. EPA has released its final cleanup plan, called a Record of Decision, for 10 miles of the Lower Willamette ...

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Portland Cleanup Plan Unveiled

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released its Proposed Plan to clean up the in-water portion of the ...

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Portland Cleanup Events in March

Throughout the month of March, the EPA will continue hosting community information sessions on the Portland Harbor ...

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More Sessions on Portland Plan

EPA’s ambitious schedule of presentations, information sessions and webinars on the Portland Harbor Cleanup ...

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EPA to Unveil Willamette Plan

The United States Environmental Agency (EPA) has launched informational “Full Court Press” to help Portland-Metro ...

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Ambitious Growth Plans for Portland Harbor

Jan De Nul UK Ltd. (JDN), Portland Harbor Authority Limited (PHAL) and Portland Port Limited Ltd (PPL) will work ...

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NFD Workgroup to Present Interim Findings

The Portland Harbor Non-Federal Dredge Workgroup (NFD) will present its interim findings to the Waterfront Alliance ...

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